Our Services

Titans Workforce provide a comprehensive foreign manpower recruitment solution from sourcing country; Pakistan, Bangladesh, India, Indonesia, Nepal, Vietnam and Myanmar in order to serve a clients from various industries such as construction, services, manufacturing, plantation and agricultural .

In order to serve our client better, we have a professional management team with a wide experience in foreign manpower which is expert on providing a cost benefit analysis and able to tailor the comprehensive solutions according to our clients need.

For over a decade, we recruit, train, deploy and manage reliable foreign manpower of skilled, semi-skilled and unskilled workers to local SMEs, large corporate as well as multi national companies.

Since we are a management outsourcing agency certified by Kementerian Hal Ehwal Dalam Negeri (KDN) to which appointed agency are permitted to supply and manage all matters related to foreign workers, we can assist your company to EXTEND your KDN approval or apply a NEW APPROVAL in a short time.

Our services are as follows:

  • Manpower Supply
    We provide foreign manpower recruitment solution from sourcing countries.
  • Approval Application
    We simplify KDN approval application procedure for you in a short time.
  • Outsource Management
    We take care of your workers while you take care of your business.
  • Renewal & Repatriate
    Renewal of Work Permit, FOMEMA, CIDB, Check Out Memo etc.
  • Recalibration Programme
    Regularizes illegal immigrants in the country as foreign workers who could be employed by eligible employers